Hi! I'm Evie, and here's my story...

In 2016, I bought my first house. As most homeowners know, my excitement and dreams for my new home were pretty instantly dashed by the realization that I can't afford everything I want. As I was dreaming on Pinterest, I kept seeing ideas for signs with cute designs and sayings on them. I just knew I could make one myself with my Cricut. My niece had just been born, so I took the opportunity to make my very first wood sign, as a gift to my sister for the nursery.

That sign was less than perfect, for sure. But, I got practice with it, and realized it was something I could do. Shortly thereafter, I signed up for a craft show that my high school was hosting. From this point, the dream was implanted - thus, Wisteria Lane Home Design was born.

I went to the craft show completely unprepared - I had maybe 15 signs or so. I was stressed and exhausted because I had not anticipated how long every. single. sign. was going to take me to make. I hadn't slept the night before and my booth looked BARE.

However, people appreciated my work! I received several compliments, and I even sold some stuff! After that, the spark was ignited. I was determined to do more craft shows and make more designs and get a really good inventory under my belt.

In August of 2016, I opened my Etsy shop. As the orders started coming in, each one was an opportunity to hone and perfect my skills. I started buying more woodworking tools, and coming up with better methods. My passion to really make something of this was starting to take off.

Fast forward to now, 2020. I have made hundreds of signs - all hand painted with high quality paints and woods. My business model now is a focus on quality. As signs become more and more popular, my goal is to stand out from the rest by not sacrificing quality. All of my signs are made of thick, 3/4" plywood and framed with 1x2" real wood boards. This construction makes for a heavy sign that will withstand the test of time.

As my business has evolved, I've felt it was time for a name change. When I started the business 4 years ago, the style of my offerings was decidedly super feminine and pretty, so I came up with a name to match that style. But as I've evolved as a maker and business owner, so has my style. My signs are no longer super feminine and "pretty" - they're well constructed works of art, and it's time for a name that reflects a more neutral spectrum of offerings. So, in May 2020, Wisteria Lane Home Design officially became Birch & Maine.

In the future, I'm hoping to add more product types to my website and really enhance my woodworking skills to bring you a wider range of quality home products. Stay tuned for all the exciting changes!